All Odds is a collective of emerging designers and makers who are connected by a mutual interest in exploring the broad grey area where principles of craft, art, and design operate in tandem with each other.


Nathan Clarke
Nathan is a Toronto-based furniture maker, designer, and educator. He is a graduate of the furniture design program at Sheridan College and is presently the Director of Craft and Production for Canadian furniture brand Coolican & Company. Amidst his engagement with Coolican & Company, Nathan maintains a small personal practice involving client commissions, fabrication for designers, and speculative work. Underlying his increasingly form-driven work is an unwavering respect for finely crafted objects.

Stephen Dalrymple 
Stephen is a Toronto-based designer and maker.  He has a diploma in furniture craft and design from Sheridan College, and is currently the Director of Creative Development at Coolican & Company.

Leigh Dotey           
Leigh is a designer and maker who creates lasting objects that stimulate human interaction. Relying on both traditional and digital modes of making their work is often experimental and queers our expectations of materiality and form. Leigh lives and works in Philadelphia and Toronto.

Claire Dunlop       
Claire is a New York based textile designer. She currently works as a designer for a studio specialized in custom textile development for fashion, theatre, fine art and interiors.

Emily Falconer
Emily is a Toronto-based designer/maker and recent graduate of Sheridan’s Craft + Design program. Through her studies she was exposed to both digital and traditional ways of making, which guide her practice and enable her to create pieces that express her personal vision of beauty and simplicity.

Reba Forbes 
Reba is a designer and craftsperson based in Toronto. She studied drawing, painting and sculpture at Ontario College of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008. Reba currently works as a Production Manager and Wood worker at The Gilder.  

Anna Guidoccio 
Anna is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary designer with a combined experience in graphic design, industrial design, and spatial design. She received her bachelors in Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University and is currently working as a designer at Moss and Lam.

Hena Han
Hena is a Toronto-based designer and maker. She currently studies in the Craft and Design Furniture program at Sheridan College.

Jasmine Hogg
Jasmine is a Toronto-based designer and maker. The desire to engage in furniture and product design led her to Sheridan College, where she completed the Craft and Design Furniture program. Jasmine’s training is in both traditional and modern fabrication processes. She works as a product engineer for a contract furniture manufacturer and continues to take on residential and commercial design-build commissions.

Vanessa Jackson
A multidisciplinary artist & designer, Vanessa Lee Jackson uses varying mediums to create eclectic contemporary designs rooted in the timeless traditions of craft. Examining the roles that both function and aesthetic influence an object, Vanessa investigates the balance between the two expressions. Vanessa holds an MDes in the Interdisciplinary Masters of Art, Media and Design program from OCAD University and is also a graduate of the Furniture Design program at Sheridan. She is currently an instructor at Sheridan in Craft & Design and is based out of Toronto.

Matt Macdonald
Matt is a furniture designer currently based in Toronto. His work is rooted in hands-on material investigation, with the aim of balancing function and innovation. His practice explores the potential of computer-aided design and fabrication methods to support material research and the creation of narratives. Digital tools allow him to visualize and generate form, enriching each project with unique opportunities and limitations. Matt received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University before graduating from Sheridan College’s Craft and Design program.

Natalie Sirianni         
Natalie is a designer/maker and recent graduate of Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design program (Furniture). Her current work, indulges fantasy, glamour, and narrative possibilities when approaching design. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence (Design) at Harbourfront Centre. 

Stefan Tobolka   
Stefan is a Toronto-based designer and craftsperson.  Upon completing his studies in furniture design at Sheridan College, Stefan has gone on to work with MSDS Studio’s, Brothers Dressler and continues to develop his studio practice. Stefan currently works as lead technician at OCAD University in the Industrial Design and Environmental Design studios.

Jake Whillans
Jake is a furniture designer based in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Sheridan College in 2015 with a diploma in Craft + Design and today he is the frenetic mind behind Jake Whillans Studio - a design and fabrication workshop with a diverse range of clients across North America.